I'll be adding scripts for the small skits we do at our church as we finish them. These skits are designed to be done by elementary-aged children with very little to no memorization. This is to allow the children to relieve the children from the anxiety that comes from remembering lines in front of a crowd and allows them to do what children do best: wild, comic, physical comedy!

A Few Notes
Each skit is on Google Docs, a format that allows me to easily share and keep each skit updated. With Google Docs, you will always have access to the very latest version of the skit. The best format for accurate printing is .pdf, which can be accomplished by clicking File → Download As... → PDF. Free PDF viewers can be found here and here.

A 5-10 min. skit we did for Easter 2011.

The Birth of Jesus Christ
A 20-25 min. program we did for Christmas 2011.

Nativity Play (version 1.1)  PDF Download link:
Updated for December 2013
A 1-2 practice program we did in 2012, and plan to do each year going forward.